Major Publications:

Swāsthya, an integrated chronic condition management programme for families of patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Saju, M.D., Varghese, B.M., Scaria, L., ...Rajeev, S.P., Jotheeswaran, A.T.

Article in BMC Family Practice, 2021, 22(1), 15

Association of depression and anxiety with social network types: Results from a community cohort study

Devassy, S.M., Scaria, L., Cheguvera, N., Thampi, K.

Article in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021, 18(11), 6120

Cohort Profile: Social Wellbeing and Determinants of Health Study (SWADES), Kerala, India

Saju M D., Nukala, L., Shekhar, R., Gomez, K., Varghese, B. M., Benny, A. M., Jotheeswaran, A. T. (2020).

Article in BMJ Open

Social factors associated with chronic non-communicable disease and comorbidity with mental health problems in India: a scoping review

Madavanakadu Devassy, S., Benny, A. M., Scaria, L., Nannatt, A., Fendt-Newlin, M., Joubert, J., … Webber, M (2020)

Article in BMJ Open

The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Practice Research. London

Joubert, L. (Ed.), Webber, M. (Ed.). (2020).

Article in Taylor and Francis

Social and behavioural risk factors in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in Kerala, India: a catchment area population survey.

Madavanakadu Devassy, S., Webber, M., Scaria, L., Amuthavalli Thiyagarajan, J., Fendt-Newlin, M., Joubert, J., … Joubert, L (2020).

Article in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders

Towards the Development of an Intervention to Address Social Determinants of Non-Communicable Disease in Kerala, India: A Mixed Methods Study.

Webber, M.; Joubert, J.; Fendt-Newlin, M.; Madavanakadu Devassy, S.; Scaria, L.; Benny, A.M(2020)

Article in International Journal of environmental research and public health

Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension and Its Associated Risk Factors: Results from Baseline Survey of SWADES Family Cohort Study.

Saju, M. D., Allagh, K. P., Scaria, L., Joseph, S., & Thiyagarajan, J. A(2020)

Article in International Journal of Hypertension

Relationship between neighbourhood cohesion and disability: findings from SWADES population-based survey, Kerala, India.

Saju MD, Benny AM, Preet Allagh K et al (2020)

Article in F1000Research

Evidencing the need for psycho-socio-economic action to support the rural upskilled youth to cope with the COVID-19 health crisis: a state-wide audit

Saju, M. D, Scaria, L, Cheguvera N, Benny, A. M., Lizy P J, Binoy Joseph

Article in F1000Research

Mental health intervention at the workplace: A psychosocial care model.

Saju, M. D., Rajeev, S., Scaria, L., Benny, A. M., & Anjana, N. (2019)

Article in Cogent Psychology

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