In May 2019, Rajagiri college of social science signed MoU with the University of Melbourne

MoU Australia

The department of social work within the faculty of medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne and the department of social work, Rajagiri college of social sciences, have agreed for collaborative researchers and exchange programs. Collaborative research between the departments will be encouraged and mentored. This collaboration is supported under the existing university wide collaboration agreement

MoU with CHAI

The Catholic Health Association of India in collaboration with Liliane-Foundation (LF), Netherlands and other organizations, is providing support to Children/ Youth with Disabilities (C/YwDs) aged up to 25 years, belonging to marginalized families providing holistic rehabilitation in health and social inclusion towards improving their quality of life, partnering with its member agencies all over India. Rajagiri College in collaboration with University of Melbourne, Australia, has rolled out researches in the area of health and disability. Working in collaboration would be mutually beneficial and would add value to the work presently done the parties in the area of health and disability. Undertakings:
 Collaborate on joint research on areas of health and disability and its caregiving domains
 To create a platform to converge the grass root level reach of the agency (CHAI) and utilize the expertise of the research teams to carry out national and International level consortium researches.
 Facilitate the exchange of cross cultural debates and practice responses to the difficulties experienced in public health system users and providers
 Develop solutions and facilitates implementation at different levels in the area of health and disability
 Undertake joint publications in the areas of health and disability

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